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"Life-changing on so many levels. I'm energized yet calm. I can connect to my higher self in a snap! My writing is finally flowing. Best of all, months of lower back pain: GONE." – Kelly S.

Upcoming Healings

August 3 [LIVE Call]: Wealth & Abundance – Raise your Resonance. This powerful guided healing will Re-set your Resonance with Abundance – on all levels of matter, mind, energy, time, space, love... and money!

Discover how to create instant shifts for... your money, income, spending, debt. We will clear your emotional attachments like fear & blame, self-sabotage, self-fulfilling prophecies, ancestral poverty patterns. Heal your attraction, manifestation, future wealth... and allowing blessings. 

Bring your specific healing intention for abundance.. and be ready for instant shifts!

Sept. 7: Relationship Resonance – Past, Present, Future Heal those hidden resonances, to improve your WHOLE Life. Your Relationship Resonance affects everything, and it can either support or distort your life, health, wealth, energy, success, spirituality, happiness, etc. 

Oct. 5: Mindset, Manifestation & Creation. Re-set your Mindset... to Create your Goals, Activate your Productivity... and Heal your Future... with your Mind! 

And... More Coming Soon! Check back here for NEW topics for Nov. 2, Dec. 7 and beyond.

WHEN – Live Calls: 1st Saturday of each month. TIMES: 9am Los Angeles, 10am Denver & Calgary, 11am Houston & Winnipeg, noon New York & Toronto, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin, midnight Perth. (Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times.) REPLAYS: Contain all the healing energies of the live calls. 

About the Guided Healing Membership

What's Included:

  • Live 1-hour Guided Healing "Teleseminar" every month. Listen on the web or phone. (Value $27)  
  • Replays (Value $27 each). Download & listen again! New shifts happen each time you listen.  
  • Members-Only Discounts on audios & private sessions.  
  • BONUS: Instant Energy Healing Quick Start Audio (Value $27)  
  • Facebook Group: Ask questions! Get healing!  
  • Annual Members Only: Get 80+ hours of healing & bonuses

Choose your Membership

Most Affordable: Monthly Membership

$27 per Month

Powerful 1-hour Healing Call, with new topics each month. Try it for a month or two – it's easy to cancel!


Best Value: Annual Membership

$297 per Year

(Value: over $2500) Get One Month FREE, plus Bonuses and 80+ hours of healing replays. 

What happens in each Guided Healing Call?

  • Submit your healing intention each month, and get power-healing targeted specifically for you.
  • Get shifts in ALL areas of life. Not just the topic area! 
  • "Monthly Morphic Maintenance" Essential Energetic Maintenance for your body, mind, spirit & bio-field.
  • Get Take-aways & Tools to use yourself.

What People Are Saying...

“Wow! After my first Guided Healing, I feel reborn! 

I have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful as this. 

Thank You Elma for your integrity. I’ve come across lots of slippery types in this area so I appreciate your honesty." – Kate M., Australia

"These teleseminars are amazing! It’s unbelievable how things shift.

There are not enough words to say how much grace and ease has showed up, since we found Elma.

 — Gloria, Arizona

“I feel like each call is personally just for me.

 It's so on target."  

 - NLS, California 

“I am awe-struck.  

Haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long. 

I am astounded by your healing power.”  

 - Paul, Ireland


When are the live calls?

1st Saturday of each month, 9am Pacific, noon Eastern, 4pm GMT. (Non-U.S. times depend on local daylight/standard times.) 

What if I cannot attend a live call?

No worries – Listen to the Replay! The healing is always active, so you can listen to audio recording whenever.  

What topics happen each month? 

Every topic imaginable! Here are just 8 of the topics we've done in the recent past (and these and 80+ replays are always available in the Annual Members' Audio Library).

  • Upgrade the Body
  • Heal Discomfort & Pain
  • Abundance & Money Upgrade
  • Relationships Upgrade 
  • Heal Emotions, Thoughts, Traumatic Memories
  • Transform Struggle into FLOW
  • Repair BioField & Clear Negative Energy
  • The HEART: Physical, Energetic, Spiritual

Why is a monthly healing "Tune-Up" essential? 

Because healing is not a static state. Yes, permanent healing miracles do happen often! With this work, many problems disappear forever.  

But... we are always healing. Even if there’s nothing "wrong." 

Because life depends on continual self-repair & regeneration!  

Choose your Membership

Monthly (Most Affordable) 

$27 per Month New 1-hour Healing Call each month. Try it for a month or two!


Annual (Best Value) 

$297 per Year (Value: over $2500) Get One Month FREE per year, plus 80+ hours of healing replays. 

More Testimonials...

"So profound... so gentle and unexpected because of the gentleness 

 I found knowing of unity, connection to all and the feeling of love and gratitude for everybody in my life. 

... Feeling blissful and connected... shifts and changes in my whole body."

- Gaylene

"For anyone doing healing work, this is a master class in taking decades of techniques, and making them simple, fast, efficient & effective.  

I’ve been a raving Elma Mayer fan from the get go. SO valuable. 

It’s like watching a great artist and marveling at the precision & execution of it all. Amazing.”  

 – Rudy H., Healer, NY

“I was amazed. There were so many great changes, in things that didn't seem to be related.

Like finances, body issues, mood, how to flow with time, and how to control time...

In old methods, the number of shifts that happened in this hour would have taken a lifetime!" 

 – Peter, California

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“I feel better already... In less than a minute." – Marcia

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