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Don't just heal one problem, one time. Get healing for everything. Every month!

Super-Affordable Guided Healing Calls: 

Personalized healing support every month. (Because Life Happens!)  

New LIVE Healing Calls



  • May 4: Body Parts & Whole Body - Raise your Resonance. Get a full "Body Scan".
  • June 1: ABCs (Aura, Biofield, Chakras & Channels) - Raise your Resonance & Energy Scan.
  • July 6: Psychic Energy & Empathy - Raise your Resonance & Boundary Scan. 
  • Aug. 3: Wealth & Abundance – Raise your Resonance & Amplify Attraction.  
  • Sept. 7: Relationships, Past Present Future - Raise your Resonance  
  • Oct. 5: Mindset, Manifestation & Creation - Raise your Resonance & Mental Body Scan.  
  • Nov. 2: Emotional Hygiene & Personality Broadcast - Raise your Resonance
  • Dec. 7: Awareness, Discernment, Intuition, Spiritual Knowing - Raise your Resonance  

DATE & TIME: 1st Saturday of each month at 9am PT, noon ET, 4pm GMT. (Non-U.S. times depend on local daylight/standard times) This is an ongoing subscription. It's easy to cancel, so try it for a month or two! 

 These powerful guided healing calls give you... 

  • A Healing Experience – for every part of your life. – You'll "receive" healings for your specific issue.
  • A Learning Experience You'll get incredibly fast & easy shortcuts to healing, with the Now Healing Tools... – You'll be able to use them yourself. Anytime, for anything.  

Bring YOUR healing intention to each call...  

And get individualized healing for YOUR specific needs.  

"I honestly could not live without this. I fall asleep every night listening to a replay. Each one is a miracle." - Cebe, New York City

Get deep healing – each month – at a low cost:

  • Individualized healing, for your specific needs.
  • Heal hidden blockages to health, wealth, mental clarity, love, spiritual growth, etc.
  • Negative energy clearing and detox. Essential "Energetic Hygiene" to keep you feeling good.
  • Save a ton of $$$. These healings cost a tiny fraction of what you'd spend on a private session.

What people are saying...  

“I am awe-struck. 

Haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long.

I found that nearly everybody else’s issue directly related to me, which was amazing. 

I am astounded by your healing power.” 

 - Paul, Ireland

“I feel like each call is personally just for me. It's so on target." 

 - NLS, California

“I honestly could not live without this. I fall asleep every night listening to a replay. Each one is a miracle.” 

 - Cebe, New York City 

“Elma, your shifts are pure magic." 

 - Rick L, Hypnotherapist, Oregon

"This work is fantastic!

You keep outdoing yourself with each teleseminar!” 

 - Fran, California  

"Wow, my energy levels are complety transformed. What a great power-session!” 

 - Justine P, Healer, Australia  

“Elma has amazing insight and intuition and am enjoying the benefits of her work.” 

 - Sheila, Minnesota

What happens in each Guided Healing?

  • You choose your own “issue”... and then you get power-healing for it.
  • Beyond that... you experience profound shifts, as we do Healing for your WHOLE life... through the filter of a "Part" of your life – like your body, mind, spirit, money, love, success, home, etc. (Because... It's all holographic! With this revolutionary healing technology, when you Align one thing, everything else starts to Align too!)
  • You get simple, clear take-aways – so you can Do It Yourself. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “healer.” (You are one, whether you know it or not!)

Experience it for yourself... now. Try this 3-Minute Free Sample!

You'll get a big shift for your entire body-mind-spirit – in 3 minutes! Press play on the video below – and experience it now. 

What shifted for you, from that 3-minute healing? Now imagine the changes you’ll get from a whole hour of Guided Healing, every month!

“I feel better already. In less than a minute." – Marcia

What You Get:

  • Live Calls. A 60-minute Guided Healing Teleseminar with Elma, each month. New topics monthly! (Value $27)  
  • Replays. Download & listen again! New things will shift –it's like a new healing session, each time you listen. (Value $27 each)  
  • Members-Only Discounts – 33% off all audio products – 20% off personal sessions with Elma's Certified Practitioners  
  • BONUS Audio: Instant Energy Healing - Quick Start Guide (Value $27)  
  • Facebook Group: Don't wait 'til next month's call! Ask questions & get healing!
Guided Healing Teleseminars Bundle

All for just $27 / month! 


Why do you need a regular monthly healing "Tune-Up"?

Because healing is not a static state.  

Yes, permanent healing miracles do happen often! With this work, some problems disappear forever.

But... at the same time, we are always healing. Even if there’s nothing "wrong." Because life depends on continual self-repair and regeneration. 

If we stop healing, not only do disease and decay take over our bodies, but also our spirits stagnate. 

New “opportunities” for healing will always keep coming up. (Especially nowadays, with turbulence & toxins all around.) But that's true even in the best of times. That's just life!

Even if you are totally happy with your life, your body, relationships, wealth, and enjoyment of life… you can always use more Wholeness! (It's infinite!)

We do healing on every issue under the sun ... every month!


What if I cannot attend the live calls?

No worries – there's a Replay! The healing is always active in the replay (because the energy shifts beyond local time and space).

Many people attend by "Replay" only. About 20% of my subscribers are in timezones like Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. They don't attend the live calls.

swirly clock

What if I only want to try it for a month?

That’s fine! It’s easy to cancel your subscription: Simply email us, and we will process your cancellation in 1 to 3 business days.

However... this program is designed to give you on-going healing support. It's not just about healing one or two "problems"! So you'll be missing out on essential "Monthly Morphic Maintenance", if you join for just a month. 

But that said... If you simply want to try it for a month (or two)... that's OK! 

picture of calendar

What if I cannot afford this program? 

Is it really about the money? 

  • Can you afford to keep struggling along, the old way? 
  • Can you afford to stay stuck in your pain or problems?  
  • Can you afford NOT to avail yourself of this power-healing? 

Because... this can transform your life into ease, flow, and enjoyment.  


Where else can you get a personalized healing session... for $27? I created this program to be super-affordable. So that no-one is left out. Don't use the excuse of "I can't afford it."  

If you had the healing support you needed... to break through... into health, wealth, freedom, courage, and joy... ...What would that be worth to you? It would be a lot more than $27/month!

More Testimonials...  

“Wow! After my first guided healing, I feel reborn! 

I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this. 

Thank You Elma for your integrity. I’ve come across lots of slippery types in this area so I appreciate your honesty." 

 – Kate M., Australia

"It’s unbelievable how things shift, even when one thinks this month’s topic has nothing to do with me. 

These teleseminars are amazing!  

There are not enough words to say how much grace and ease has showed up, since we found Elma and began including this work in our daily lives.” 

 — Gloria, Arizona

"I just participated in Elma's Guided Healing Teleseminar, and thought there would be nothing new or revolutionary. I was SO WRONG! 

If you haven’t been hanging out with Elma on her monthly calls soaking up the genius & the amazing shifts, you’re missing out. She’s a real master and a lovely human being to boot!”  

 – Rudy H., Healer, NY

“I was amazed. There were so many great changes, in things that didn't seem to be related.

Like finances, body issues, mood, how to flow with time, and how to control time...

In old methods, the number of shifts that happened in this hour would have taken a lifetime!" 

 – Peter, California

It’s Not Just More Information… it’s Transformation! 

We don't just talk. We get stuff DONE!

You WON'T get: 

  • A bunch of useless information, pointless platitudes, theoretical advice, or arbitrary analysis.
  • A lot of "To-Do" tasks, or overwhelming "Shoulds". You already have enough of those!

Instead, you’ll get: 

  •  Real, actual, instant transformation. 
  •  Ongoing healing support each month.
  •  Recordings of each call – every time you listen, new things will shift.
  •  Simple instant-healing tools & take-aways – that you'll be able to use on everything.
  •  Bonuses, discounts, and surprise goodies...  

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