Stop Negative Thoughts – Healing Program On Sale – Now $12!

 Gives you a life-line, ANYTIME negativity overwhelms you!

Stop Negative Thoughts 23 Minute Audio + 1 Minute Process

Reverse negative thought patterns & mental loops: 

  • Stop self-sabotage – in all areas of life: health, money, relationships, career, productivity... 
  • Be free of critical self-talk & mind-chatter
  • Prevent ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) from amplifying your emotions (like fear, stress, anger) 
  • Stop hurting your loved ones with unintended negativity  
  • Focus with mental clarity & good energy... and actually enjoy your thoughts!  
  • Meditate more deeply & get better sleep  
  • Get on with your life, and fulfill your life’s purpose!  
Special Offer – STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS - Now Only $12 ($47 Value)

What you Get in Stop Negative Thoughts 

23-Minute Audio – to Activate Light-Speed Healing targeted to YOUR individual needs

  • Contains powerful Instant Healing Alignments that target your specific, individual needs.
  • In addition to receiving healing, you'll be guided through the 1-minute step-by-step process outlined in the PDF "Cheat Sheet"
  • Listen again & again, for different circumstances, if ever you get triggered by anything life throws at you.

1-Minute Healing Process "Cheat Sheet" PDF – so you can Do it Yourself

  • Step-by-step outline of the quick & simple process you heard in the audio – so you can get results on the go. 
  • Discover how easy it is to activate healing on your own. Fast. For anything!
  • Print out the cheat sheet and keep it handy. You'll be able to quickly clear negative thoughts as they come up & get back on track... to enjoy your day... and your life!

Rave Reviews & Results: 

Testimonial head shot

"I REALLY love the Stop Negative Thoughts audio and cheat sheet. I printed out the cheat sheet and have it at my desk! I feel a shift every time I've done this exercise and noticeably feel more positive energy and have been more productive. I'm super grateful to have been introduced to these healings :)."

– Erin R., Denver, Colorado, Founder of Start To Summit Marketing

Felt it starting to work with the first word Elma said. My thoughts of betrayal & habitual ‘toxic’ response… got smaller each time I used Elma’s healing. After, I felt clear & present.”  

- Frank V, Idaho, USA

"Amazing. I had such pressure in my solar plexus, grief, shame around my kids… worrying over their careers, jobs, choices. After, I felt lifting and lightening in my entire auric field. I have peace and no worries when I think of them!” 

- Bobbi J Carroll-Frey, Lancaster, PA, USA  

"I'm blown away by… a wonderful peace of mind that lingers on. For days I [was] stuck in a super negative mental loop that was driving me bonkers. I used the [Stop Negative Thoughts] process, and as by magic it just dissolved: I was totally freed from this nagging thinking that had me consumed for days.” - Mariët de Korver

“You saved my life. My body and mind were in so much distress struggling to survive. I was fighting for my life, could not find peace. I played your audio and a calmness came over me and peace and I was able to drift into a restful state and a healing sleep. Waking up completely changed. You make it so easy.” - Rosemary H.

About Elma

Elma Mayer, MA, is an internationally-renowned healer and teacher, the founder of Now Healing, and the creator of the powerful Now Healing Align & Disentangle Commands, which create rapid transformation even when used by "regular folks" with no healing training. 

Elma has taught over 40,000 people to do instant healing. Her purpose is to empower people to plug directly into the larger field of Healing, to heal themselves, others, and the planet. 

Elma's Training: Certified Practitioner of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Access Consciousness, Orin-DaBen’s Awakening your Light Body, Theta Healing, and more. For over 25 years, Elma has applied Rupert Sheldrake’s principle of Morphic Resonance to her healing work, with tremendous results. 

In her regular life, Elma is married to her favorite songwriter, and is the mother of two beautiful, brilliant babies (or, as they like to call themselves, "adults"). She is also a songwriter and composer.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not pleased with this product, you may request a refund within 14 days. Email us at and we will happily honor your refund request.  

Note: This product contains "energetic anti-theft protection." If it is bought with the intention of returning it in order to avoid payment, it will void the healing energies. Please use it with integrity, so that the universe can give you real healing and Wholeness. But if you give this product an honest try, and you are not satisfied with it in any way, please email us to request a refund – no questions asked!

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical care or mental health care. (This is not medical at all – it's morphic!) If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, please call for emergency medical help, or go to your nearest licensed emergency care provider. We make no claims of medical healing. Even if you feel better from using this free guided healing, do not stop or change medication or medical treatment without consulting your doctor.

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